Saturday, 23 October 2010


The Truth of Homeopathy

Placebo’ is a work of art portraying the truth of homeopathy.  The substance of this work consists of the wooden stretcher and canvas upon which the image is portrayed in water-mixable oil paint.  White on white it is whatever the viewer wishes it to be.  The image itself, if it can be so called, contains a memory of the artist’s thoughts as he produced the work.  The subject is dealt with in a delicate and sensitive manner as there is no discernable content.  The commonality of painting and homeopathy is that each is an art, not a science, and each is able to deceive.

The only action of any consequence in this work is the percussive (succussive?) effect of stapling the canvas onto the stretcher.  In summary, there is nothing to it.

This painting is beautifully presented as if it had real value and is grossly overpriced at


However, where the science of the placebo effect is concerned, you may find this interesting:

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